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Zara Whites Biography 1968 –

was born Esther Kooiman in 1968. She is best known as a Dutch porn star but she actually began her career in the sex industry working the streets of Rotterdam as a prostitute. She was only nineteen years old. In 1989, she moved to Italy and began life as a topless dancer before becoming the mistress of an Italian Count.

After Zara’s relationship with the Count ended, she worked as a prostitute in Paris before print media introduced her to Penthouse and Playboy. Soon after, she found herself on the screen acting out as a pornographic in over twenty porn movies between 1990 and 1992. She was considered by porn film directors as one of the best in the industry and appeared opposite of popular porn favorite John Stagliano in several of his films.

Zara White softened her films somewhat when she joined the cast of Joy. The role placed her opposite of porn actor Robert Malone who would later become her lover. Zara had a five-year relationship with Malone before they called it quits.

In 1998, she starred in a hard core lesbian film and continued her career in lesbian porn until her retirement in 2001. Zara became quite the activist after her retirement. In 2007, in a public exhibition, Zara paraded naked around Rotterdam for PETA which is the group supportive of the ethical treatment of animals.

Considered one of the more underrated porn stars of her time, Zara Whites was a woman who liked to do the unthinkable taking on some of the most bizarre and outlandish scenes in the adult film industry. While she is now retired and living overseas once again, she will be remembered by those in her profession as a professional who knew how to steal the spotlight when she was in front of the camera.

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