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Yvonne Catterfeld Biography 1979-

Yvonne-Catterfeld wanted to be a musician all her life, but it wasn’t until she was 15 years old that she took her first steps to stardom. While in high school, Yvonne took singing, piano, guitar, and flute lessons at her local music school. She also took several theater and dance lessons at that time. After high school, she spent two years at the music academy in Leipzig studying jazz and pop. Yvonne made her first recordings in 1998, but couldn’t find a record company eager enough to take her on.

Yvonne finally broke out after performing in a German singing contest called Stimme 2000, and she landed a contract with Hansa Music. She released a number of singles, which gradually built up her popularity. Yvonne’s acting career also took off around the same time. In 2002, she joined the cast of the popular German soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten, which gave her singing career a major boost. Yvonne’s fourth single, 2003’s “Für Dich,” hit No. 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and her debut album, Meine Welt, went platinum. The follow-up, Farben Meiner Welt (2004), also did extremely well.

In 2005, Yvonne left the soap opera business to star in the short-lived TV series Sophie – Braut wider Willen. During this time, her music career went on like lightning, and she released her third effort, Unterwegs (2005).

2006 was another busy year for the longtime girlfriend of German actor Wayne Carpendale; she released her first English-language single, “Where Does The Love Go,” a duet with Eric Benet, and recorded her fourth album.

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