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Woman’s Handbags Are Dirtier Than Toilets

handbagAccording to the staff of the British Initial Washroom organization, there are more bacteria in women’s purses than in a toilet.

The tests have shown that one in five women’s is a haven for bacteria that pose a threat to health. And the dirtiest thing in the bag is the hand cream (a lot of bacteria accumulate on the tube, and it is more dangerous than the toilet seat). The next dirtiest things are lipstick and mascara. The experts recommend that women should wash their hands regularly and clean the bag with antibacterial wipes or gel to avoid cross-contamination.

A handbag is in constant contact with the hands and different surfaces, so the risk of transmission of microbes is very high, if the bags are cleaned rarely. It is especially important for those women who put bags on the floor in public places. According to Peter Barratt, as soon as the bacteria get to the bag, they will be found on your hands very quickly after that. So without regular hygienic hand washing and cleaning the bag, one can do nothing with the bacteria.

Moreover, Peter Barratt said that work areas of the kitchen are also dirty to your dangerously high level. There’re inhabited by coliform bacteria (they usually live in feces) that cause episodes of diarrheal diseases. Furthermore, more than one-quarter connected with dryers have bacteria ranges exceeding the safe charge by four times. The bacteria are that comes with the handles of refrigerators plus the buttons of microwaves, as well as, of course, they are found on our arms – however, another investigation showed that women’s arms were dirtier than men’s arms.

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