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Ville Valo Biography 1976 –

The world is ’s stage and all the women in it are his fans. Seemingly, the Finish and has made a huge impression on all of those who hear him. He is Ville Valo, the frontman for the Finnish band called HIM.

With six completed albums and fans begging for more, it isn’t any surprise that the band would make it to the gold-status in the United States. They are the first and the only Finnish band to gain a gold record status and if they keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll be more.

Ville Valo was born in 1976. Little is known about his childhood other than the fact that he had very bad allergies and asthma. His mother was from a Hungarian family and his father was Finnish. They both loved music and their legacy continues to live in Ville, who started playing the bongo drums at the age of three.

While Ville Valo is a fan-favorite now, he wasn’t always one everyone loved. At least, his teachers weren’t necessarily his fans. With a mischievous way about him and the ability to be difficult if not even a bit “disruptive”, his teachers in school tolerated him but did so by encouraging his artistic nature.

Today, Ville Valo continues to sing with his band HIM. His tours are welcomed throughout the world and fans are eager to see what is next for the frontman they’ve decided to cheer on. HIM tour dates can be found on the band website along with other personal appearances for Valo and his fellow band members.

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