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Vanessa Lengies Biography 1985-

Born in Montreal, Quebec, has been pursuing a career as an from an extremely young age.  While other girls her age were playing with dolls and braiding each other’s hair, Vanessa was auditioning for anything and everything she could find.

Vanessa’s hard work and perseverance paid off fairly quickly when she landed her first professional gig at the tender age of 9 — she was hired to do voice-over work on a cartoon called The Little Lulu Show in 1997.  Starring roles and guest appearances on a wide variety of obscure Canadian programs followed, and in 1999 Vanessa found herself working alongside rising star Elisha Cuthbert on the informative Popular Mechanics for Kids television show.

Sometime around the turn of the century, Vanessa decided to devote herself full time to her burgeoning acting career and consequently moved out to Los Angeles. In 2002, the relocation paid off when Vanessa landed a role on the NBC show American Dreams. Though it only lasted three seasons, American Dreams opened a lot of doors for Vanessa within the entertainment industry and the actress soon found herself cast in big films such as Waiting… (2005) and The Perfect Man (2005).

A year later, Vanessa landed a pivotal role opposite rising star Missy Peregrym in the teen gymnastics drama Stick It. With an appearance in the indie drama My Suicide (2006) already in the bag, it’s obvious that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Vanessa Lengies as time moves forward.

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