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Trish Goff Biography 1976-

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June 1976, the Goffs recognized their daughter’s aptitude for attracting stares everywhere she went at an early age. After moving to South Florida, Trish was discovered as “the next big thing” by a photographer’s agent.

Still a teenager, Goff began traveling the world, getting as much exposure as possible. In 1995, she did magazine covers for Vogue in Germany, Italy and the UK. In the subsequent years, Goff continued to add big names to her list of fashion magazines, as her career was taking off. Cosmopolitan, Elle and Marie Claire were among those that could boast a cover featuring .

As her publicity increased, the label “supermodel” began to appear more and more frequently. The big names of fashion began to ask for Goff more and more. She appealed to Versace, Gucci and Prada because of her unique haircut and porcelain doll face. At 5’9″, she also had the height to match.

Although she does not demand the big dollars of Gisele Bundchen, Goff still ranks as one of the top models in the world. She married a frequent photographer of hers, Aaron Ward, and they have since had a child together, a baby son named Nima.

While Trish Goff has the skinny look that is popular in the modeling industry, her waifish figure has drawn its share of controversy; recently, watchmaker Omega apparently threatened to pull its adds featuring Goff from British Vogue due to her skeletal appearance.

Skinny scandals aside, Trish Goff can still use some more publicity. She has the look and ability to demand the big numbers that the few models above her can, but unlike her peers, she is already 26, and as a , age tends to catch up quickly.

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