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Top Watch Brands for Men

Choosing a is as important to your image as choosing a coat or a pair of shoes. A says a lot about your lifestyle and sense of aesthetics. There are many brands out there vying for your attention and it’s difficult to see through the marketing and figure out which brands marry style and substance to truly cater to someone who wants a serious yet stylish timepiece. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite watches by three great brands.

Tissot are famous as an extremely sporty brand. Our current favourite is the stunning Tissot T-race Moto GP Quartz. This is the quartz iteration of the Moto GP line – which is itself a limited edition run of timepieces. The design of the watch was created to mirror the suspension of a racing bike, and the bright yellow and black strap design will leave no head unturned. This is a watch for serious fans of the sport and might even make the perfect gift for someone who is an amateur rider.

Chanel is not normally a brand that most people associate with masculinity or men’s fashion, however their marine line of watches fuse together the chic French styling of the brand with high-quality, specialist watchmaking. The Marine collection is the perfect example of how well Chanel actually caters to the male professional market. The J12 watch comes in Marine Black, Marine (a beautiful deep blue colour), and Marine White. It is a fully functional diver’s watch, first launched in 2010. It has luminescent hands and is water resistant to 300 metres. All important to consider when putting your style reputation in the hands of a watch!

Baume and Mercier make extremely stately-looking, elder-statesperson type watches. Our favourite is the Capeland watch, which comes with a copper coloured dial face. The movement is automatic and the watch is water resistant up to 50 metres. The stop, start and reset push pieces are just one feature of its gorgeous 1940s style. The Geneva-based brand have built their business on a tradition of living next to the sea and this is reflected in the romantic and adventurous style of the watch. You can buy this watch direct from the Watches of Switzerland website.

Watches can be further personalised by choosing beautiful strap materials and covers, engraving on metal casing and going for limited edition pieces (which retain a high value over time, making them a great investment). All of these watches run at the highest end of the price spectrum, but choose wisely and you will have a great heirloom to pass down through the generations.

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