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Top Jeans Facts

jenasThe wardrobe of a modern woman is probably impossible to imagine without at least one pair of . However, some women have dozens of them. It turns out that are also associated with certain health conditions.

Top 5 Health Problems Associated with Wearing Jeans

  • (neuritis of the external femoral cutaneous nerve)
  • exacerbation of gynecological diseases
  • progression of cellulite
  • intestinal dysfunction and pancreas
  • developmental disorder of sex organs in adolescent girls.

How Wearing Jeans Affects Man’s Health

Of the 2,000 British men, who took part in the survey, 50% admitted that they experienced discomfort when wearing tight jeans. 25% were suffering from bladder dysfunction. 20% happened to have problems with spermatogenesis.


More than 50% of the British, who participated in the study, usually wore blue jeans when they were in a depressed state. When in high spirits, only one-third of the participants preferred these clothes. Being in a good mood, 62% of the women decided to wear a dress or a hat. Psychologists believe that you change your mood for the better only by changing the outfit.
Low-quality denim cloth may contain phenol – a toxic part of some dyes. This may result in irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory pathway.
Japanese scientists have developed a unique pair of jeans that are able to effectively slow down the aging with the skin for about year or so, moisturizing it and defending it from bacteria.
Any time wearing tight jeans, there’s a 15-fold increase in raise the risk of activation of candica genus candida – the particular pathogen of candidiasis within women.

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