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Top 9 Yoga Myths

yoga is what professional players, Hollywood stars and plain people could be engaged in. It suits a person of any age and also any constitution, and if you have not become a admirer of , it means that you will be guided by one of the 9 myths.

1. Yoga is only for girls

Indeed, articles about yoga in magazines are most often illustrated with the images of girls in leggings stretching on rugs. In fact, professional boxers, basketball and rugby players and even wrestlers are often engaged in yoga because it is an ideal system of stretching exercises.

2. I’m not flexible enough for yoga

Yoga classes are intended for the people who cannot boast a particularly flexible body. This ancient Indian gymnastics develops flexibility better than anything else. The more flexible your body becomes, the lower the risk of injuries and fractures will be.

3. I’m too flexible, so I do not need yoga

The aim of yoga is not only to make you more flexible, it is also a spiritual practice. Regular classes allow finding inner peace, rest, relaxation and coping with stress much more effectively than before. In addition, yoga teaches proper breathing and increases lung capacity.

4. I already had a yoga session, and I did not like it

This is not a reason never to try. Perhaps you’re afraid to look awkward in front of other people. Or you need a different coach. Then start doing yoga at home or choose a different type of it (Bikram, Ashtanga, Kundalini, etc.).

5. Yoga requires too complex movements

Yes, some asanas look very complicated, but you will not be required to perform them at your very first lesson. Just as no one would require a person who first came to the gym to lift the heaviest weight. Attend yoga classes, and eventually you will succeed.

6. There is no yoga studio nearby, so there is nowhere to go

You do not need a studio – yoga can be practiced right at home. There are a lot of yoga video courses in the internet, but you can buy a game console like Wii, which will help you with classes anywhere.

7. Yoga is a religion and I believe in a different God

Naturally, classical yoga is using the provisions of Hinduism somewhat, but the modern version of computer, most definitely, is not of religion. It includes exercises for body and mind.

8. Mantras can be heard at yoga classes. Will I have to sing them?

Not necessarily. Some instructors really play mantras to their students during the class, but only in order to help them fully concentrate on the exercises. Do they annoy you? Ask to turn them off and play some calm neutral music or the sounds of nature.

9. I have got no time for yoga

If you cannot spend an hour a day doing yoga, then practice it for a few minutes. Some asanas can be done at home, in the elevator, on your way to work, and even in the office. The main thing is to have the desire!

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