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Tips on How to Choose the Right Bra

how-to-choose-braAre you aware how many women wear bras that don’t actually fit them? 85%, and you are likely to be among them. Let’s look and see if your is the right size for you.

Here are a few useful tips on hot to chooise the right bra:

First of all, seek professionals’ help, that’s what they are for, so you don’t go guessing, and probably guessing wrong. Do it at least twice per year, especially if you are pregnant or changed your weight, for these events will bring about breast changes.

Mark how well the band embraces your back. Avoid going for a loose band, it should feel comfortably tight for it is the main support for the back.

Let your bra take a rest after a day’s wear. If you have several bras and wear them alternately, they will have time to regain their original shape and maintain it for longer periods.

Take health care of your bras. Wash them properly with a detergent designed for lingerie and silk. After about 5 wears your bra is born for a careful wash – let it soak for half an hour first, then wash it with all your hands and let dry.

Spend the bras that have served their full. A bra is generally good for as much as a year, but if you have an impressive bust, your bras have more work and should go straight down sooner. If your bra will get less comfortable, frayed or will lose its shape, it’s time for you to get a new one.

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