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Thekla Reuten Biography 1975-

Born in the Netherlands, grew up in Amsterdam, where she became well-versed in five languages (Dutch, English, Italian, German, and French) and also discovered a passion for artistic expression through acting. The acting bug bit Reuten in high school at St.-Vituscollege and as a result, she continued on in the craft by enrolling in a series of courses at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in her home city.

Thekla Reuten’s professional debut came on television in 1996 as a guest-star on the series, Verhalen uit de bijbel. Within two years, she got more exposure with a recurring role on the local series, Wij Alexander, a dramatic look inside the goings on of the Dutch Royal Family. Movies came next, which included the scheming drama Tate’s Voyage in 1998 and 1999’s Little Crumb, a family film that earned film festival awards in Houston and Chicago.

In 2000, Thekla Reuten got her first taste of participating in an Oscar-worthy film. The project was Everybody’s Famous, a comedy that starred Reuten as a pop star who is kidnapped out of frustration by the father of an unsuccessful teen singer. The film was Oscar-nominated for Best Foreign Language film, an occurrence that would happen again for Reuten in 2002. In that instance, she took on two lead roles in Twin Sisters, an intense drama that followed two separated twins on opposite sides during World War II. Although she herself wasn’t nominated for any Academy Awards, Reuten’s performances in the film generated critical praise that was among the best of her career. In 2004, she was recognized by European Film Promotion as one of Europe’s Shooting Stars.

As she pressed on in other foreign language cinematic efforts like the ensemble film Co/Ma, Thekla Reutan also developed her acting portfolio further through a number of projects on stage, including The Damned and Braambos. Her most notable stage project was 2005’s sexually charged Blood Wedding, which brought her to the famed Almeida Theatre in London for a sold-out series of performances opposite lady swooner, Gael Garcia Bernal. After completing the stage run, Reuten signed on to the 2006 film, Ober, which won two Golden Calf awards at the Nederlands Film Festival and also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In 2006, Thekla Reuten made a significant leap into the North American entertainment spectrum by landing the recurring role of Mina, an Islamic terrorist masquerading as a babysitter, in the Golden Globe-nominated Showtime series, Sleeper Cell. She then dipped into the long-running pop-culture mythology of Highlander by playing the love interest of Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) in the 2007 sci-fi sequel, Highlander: The Source. From there, Reuten nabbed a minor but hilarious role in 2008’s In Bruges as a pregnant hotel owner who disrupts a shoot-out between criminals Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes. That year, she also costarred with John Malkovich, Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga and Spanish acting heartthrob Daniel Bruhl in the harrowing drama, In Tranzit, about the troubling goings-on at a female war camp.

Following a memorable appearance as Elsa in the 2008 episode, “The Economist” of the television juggernaut known as Lost, Thekla Reuten returned to the big screen as the mysterious figure who bankrolls hit man George Clooney’s last assignment in the 2010 effort, The American. Following filming of The American, Reuten landed a role in the television pilot Day One, but it was all for naught as it was never picked up. Instead, she joined another English-language film — the historical drama, Fire Bay — which served as the next step in her creatively diverse and continually rewarding acting journey.

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