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The Price We Pay for Lost Makeup Is Shocking!

make-up means a lot to women — and when it goes missing, it’s not long before we replace it. But have you ever considered how many dollars your lost lipsticks translate to? A new study by the online retailer, Feel Unique, might send you to sticker shock.

The company polled over 2,000 women and found that the average British woman spends £248 (about $386 USD) each year replacing lost makeup. That adds up to £60 a month (about $93), and £18,000 (about $28,017) in a lifetime. To put it gently, our makeup bags dig deep into our pocket books.

Therefore deep, in fact, that Feel Unique is nudging insurance agencies to consider their examine. “The total in the united kingdom is significant, said a spokesperson for that company. “Such are our own findings, we are going to talk to a number of insurance providers about making a stand-alone make-up bag insurance policies for women. ”.

Call it crazy, but think about it next time you lose your lipstick.

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