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The McRib Is Returning VERY Soon

Attention fans: your wait is almost over. McDonald’s announced Monday that everyone’s favorite non-anatomically-correct pork sandwich will be returning to locations throughout the country on December 17. That’s right: the date is less than two weeks away!

The 2012 was originally supposed to be October 22. But the sandwiches were delayed because of unseasonably warm weather earlier in the fall. Then AdAge revealed that the McRib would return in “the second half of December,” leading some McRib cult fanatics to worry that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy their favorite treat until Christmas. As it turns out, the this year is a bit earlier than they feared, which is its own kind of Christmas present from McDonald’s.

Given how much excitement greets the McRib release date every year, you’d think that McDonald’s would want to just make it a permanent part of its menu. But a company executive recently revealed that sales for the McRib really aren’t high enough to justify a year-round spot on the McDonald’s menu; it only makes sense to include it for the holidays, when the hunger for pork is at its highest.

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