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The Body Shop Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection

bodyshop-4-color-eyeshadow-palette limited edition appeared on sale in mid-November.

The collection includes:

  • Body and hair glitter spray (in gold and pink): Become a radiant goddess! Spray the glitter on your body and hair and enjoy the gentle aroma of cherry blossoms and a magical shimmer that will make you the star of any Christmas party. The glitter is available in two colors: gold and pink.
  • Powder balls for a shining face: Powder balls in golden and soft pink shades will give your skin a spectacular shine. Apply the powder on the cheekbones, temples and neck area with a kabuki brush from the limited Christmas collection – and your holiday image is complete!
  • Oblique Kabuki Brush: A “smart” brush with a super-soft synthetic bristles ensures a perfectly smooth coating, while a special design with an oblique cut makes it easy to create the necessary face shape.
  • A 4-color eyeshadow palette (in two colors: Chocolate and Winter Cherry): Create an expressive smoky eye makeup in cold or warm tones with a new palette – 4 colors with silky textures and a flickering effect .
  • A purple eyeliner: A stylish purple eyeliner will emphasize your eyes and make them more expressive.
  • BB Cream
  • Gift Sets

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