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Susan George Biography 1950-

The daughter of a musician father and showgirl mother, was a British showbiz veteran before she was 10 years old. A Corona Stage Academy graduate, George was 12 when she was cast in the London production of The Sound of Music. The sweetness-and-light roles would fall by the wayside as George matured into a very sexy young woman. In films from 1967, George was usually cast as a blonde “tease,” sometimes innocent (the gang-rape victim in Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs [1971]), sometimes not (the 1974 crime-caper flick Dirty Mary Crazy Larry). In addition to such recent acting assignments as the BBC TV series Stay Lucky (1993), George has been executive of two features, Stealing Heaven (1988) and That Summer of White Roses (1989). ’s partner in these production ventures was her husband, actor Simon MacCorkindale.

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