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Subway Experiments With Bold New Condiment

SubwayA couple years back, the only sentence we could have imagined incorporating the words “” and “” both within its narrow confines would have gone something like this: “I got a banh mi in Chinatown, then started to eat it on the subway ride back uptown — but I had to stop, because they put too much on it.” And that’s sort of a run-on sentence anyway.

Now, though, the garlicky hot sauce is so ubiquitous, so mainstream, that we aren’t even all that surprised to type the following sentence in good faith: mega-chain Subway is allegedly testing a new “” on sandwiches in its locations in Santa Ana, Calif. OK, it helps that Subway mucked up any chance at authenticity by adding cream to the mix.

The sauce, which is supposedly more spicy than you’d expect from Subway, was first spotted in the wild by our friends at Foodbeast, but it already made it as far as Gawker.

Right now, Subway only plans to let Santa Ana customers try “creamy sriracha sauce” for a limited time. But you can bet that they’ll bring it to more locations if it performs well there.

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