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Steve Rushton Biography 1987-

has become well known over a short period of time in the rock and pop world through movies and associations with the tween crowd. Born at Frimley Park Hospital in Chetsey, Surrey, England, on October 30, 1987, he was introduced to music by his stepfather, who brought him on-stage with his band at age seven. His favorite band by far as a youth was Green Day, and coming up as a songwriter, guitarist, and , he became a member of the band Mr. Cheerful from secondary and high-school years through college. That band participated in the United Kingdom regional finals of the 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Switching to electric bass guitar, Rushton joined the pop-punk band Son of Dork, where he also sang lead vocals on half of their tunes, working with them up to 2008. SOD, as they were known, had two Top Ten hits in the U.K., and issued the CD Welcome to Loserville in 2005. Rushton moved to Los Angeles to pursue a solo career and was signed by Hollywood Records to produce an album for release in 2009. Meanwhile, he opened in concert for Jordan Pruitt of Kraft’s Mac & Cheese-a-Palooza fame. His debut single, “Emergency,” was released on Radio Disney, and is featured on the soundtrack to the Disney movie Race to Witch Mountain. Rushton then became a regular member of the Disney family, having his songs played regularly on The Disney Channel. This led to his participation in the hit film Hannah Montana: The Movie starring Miley Cyrus, performing two of his hit songs, “Game Over” and “Everything I Want.” Rushton sings the theme song “This Boat’s Rockin'” for the Disney  series The Suite Life on Deck, a follow-up to the hit series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He has employed producer John Fields, who has worked with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

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