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Stephanie Seymour Biography 1968-

was a leading supermodel of the 1990s, a classical brunette of the pensive, look-of-longing school. She first appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 1988, and that same year graced the cover of Vogue magazine in a photo by Richard Avedon. Despite many other magazine covers, she is perhaps most famous for her appearances in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalogs. Seymour dated rock star Axl Rose of the band Guns ‘N Roses for several years; the two became engaged before breaking up. She married businessman Peter Brant in 1995. Seymour filed for a divorce from Brant early in 2009, in what became a much-publicized break-up.

Seymour’s first marriage was to rock guitarist Tommy Andrews (1989-90); their son, Dylan, was born in 1991. Seymour and Brant have three children together: Peter, Jr. (born 1994), Harry (b. 1997) and Lilly Margaret (b. 2004).

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