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Sophie Ellis-Bextor Biography 1979-

Throughout the ’90s the U.K. music scene was filled to the brim with nerdy cockney types sporting messy threads and even messier hair. Fresh faced was amongst the first Brit-pop stars to break with this trend. She made it onto the stage in 1997 as the teenage vocalist behind new wave outfit Theaudience. Smartly dressed (often in black) and boasting a sexy, posh voice, she caused quite a stir on London’s alternative circuit. Theaudience  became known the world over as a groundbreaking pop act and even enjoyed success on the crowded U.K. singles chart with such imaginatively titled numbers as “I’ve Got the Wherewithal.” Due to internal conflicts, however, the group split up and Ellis- went searching for success on her own. The solo thing wasn’t really working out and it took her a while to re-emerge on the scene. But when she did, it was in late 2000 as a major star alongside Italian DJ/producer Spiller. The 6’9″ Venetian had just put together a disco house number, titled “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love),” and was looking for a female vocalist to add spice to the work. Though very popular in the clubs as an instrumental, the track started selling like mad after Ellis- strutted her stuff over its deep grooves. It was a number one hit on singles charts around the world. Spiller  and Ellis- both starred in the now famous film clip to the track, in which the Londoner’s eye-popping set of cheekbones vied for supremacy with the Venetian’s imposing stature. A year on, Ellis- was again making waves with the pop single “Take Me Home.” Thanks to that effort, she beat the likes of Five to the number one spot on the U.K. singles chart. In their ongoing search for controversy, the British press even touted her as the main competitor to enormously popular Victoria Beckham, previously known as Posh Spice. That same year, Ellis- served up another chart-topper in the ultra-cool disco tune “Murder on the Dancefloor.”

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