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Sony’s “Lenticular Sheet” Enables Glasses-free 3D

Till now, the International Funkausstellung Berlin 2011 has brought us many surprising designs and products, and today we’d like to add a new one to the list of innovative electronics. It is ’s “”, a thin film that can be places in front of any laptop screens to turn them into glass-free displays. With such a product, fanciers would then enjoy films without needing to wear glasses any more.

Of course the “Lenticular Sheet” cannot work on its own, and the users also need to utilize a certain software to work together with it. When the software works, the webcam of your laptops will move to detect your face, so as to offer you a best 3D display according to your locations. The “Lenticular Sheet” will be on European market on October, with a price of $183.

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