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Sonique Biography 1968-

Née Sonia Clarke in London, England, always had music inside her. Raised on the soulful music of Roberta Flack, Otis Redding and Gladys Knight, which her mother played around the house, became passionate about music early on. Once she purchased her own “I Feel Love” record by Donna Summers, she needed no more convincing.

With music on the backburner, Sonique trained as a gymnast and runner as a teen, but it wasn’t until she began frequenting nightclubs that her career as a and was cemented. Soon, Sonique was the hottest act to hit the British nightclub scene.

DJing wasn’t an innate talent Sonique simply picked up. Once she felt the passion of partying, especially dancing, she wanted to spin the records she and her fellow clubber wanted to hear. So after intense training, Sonique mastered DJing after 3 years.

Sonique was signed with Cooltempo Records as a teenager, and she saw the release of her first club hit, “Let Me Hold You,” which hit the Top 25 dance charts without the help of any promotions.

Then came her renowned partnership with Mark Moore. Moore needed a songwriter and singer, and Sonique was the perfect choice. Following her collaboration on Intercourse, Sonique and Moore, otherwise known as S-Express, released popular singles such as 1990’s “Nothing To Lose” and “Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em, Forget ‘Em,” and Sonique had the opportunity to forge her own identity along the way.

The duo was a hit with the underground scene and critics in Europe and the US, and received mentions in publications such as NME, Melody Maker, The Face, Sky, and Tatler.

After appearances on Top of the Pops, 01 for London, MTV, and the after parties for the 1997 European MTV Awards in Rotterdam and the 1998 Brit Awards, Sonique was signed to Serious Records. Her debut single, “I Put A Spell On You” soon became a British regular on the radio and a Top 30 hit.

With “I Put A Spell On You” and her past success with S-Express under her belt, “I Feel So Good” soon seeped its way onto the nightclub scene. DJs were spinning the song in the UK, Europe, and even Florida, where her success in the US originated. A DJ in Tampa began spinning the record, and soon DJs all around the State caught wind of the upbeat tempo song. This led to her signing with Republic Records.

“I Feel So Good” garnered a lot of radio play, and even hit the digital music scene on the Internet-based label Farmclub.com, thanks to Republic/Universal in conjunction with Serious and Caffeine. The single off Sonique’s debut album, Hear My Cry was Farm Club’s debut album, and “It Feels So Good” generated the kind of buzz on the Internet needed to make it a huge hit on the dance floors and radio stations.

The first artist this millennium to hold the No. 1 spot on the UK charts for 3 consecutive weeks, Sonique took home the DanceStar of the Year award at the DanceStar 2001 Tiscali World Dance Music Awards, among others.

Fans can also hear Sonique’s spinning and singing skills on her double mix CD, DJ Sonique: Club Mix.

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