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Sonia Couling Biography 1974-

was born on June 18, 1974, in Bangkok, Thailand. She leaped into the modeling and entertainment industries as a in a 7-Up ad campaign before she turned 14. That job was only the first of many, but she did take a break from the limelight by attending boarding school in England. Even during her college years, however, magazines in Asia frequently flew her around to take advantage of her angelic face; before long the opportunities piled up.

After appearing on Asian television for several years, she landed the MTV Singapore VJ job, and less than a year later she was off and running. Afterward, Couling was the pretty face associated with the likes of Singapore Telecom, Nikon Camera, Doritos 3D, Honda Home Video, Clairol, and Secrets. It’s a resume that has marked her as a super-supermodel in both Thailand and all of Asia.

Couling speaks fluent Thai and English — a gift that has opened many doors for her. Although her on-screen appearances have been mostly limited to television, in 1998 Sonia appeared in the Thai movie Kon Puan Sai Fah (Destiny Upside Down). In 2005, she hosted the Thailand version of Next Top Model.

Couling adopted the entrepreneurial spirit by opening a retail store in Siam that sells modern lifestyle accessories. The store is named Limited Edition and might just be the first in a worldwide chain. We’re hoping Sonia’s business is more successful than Claudia Schiffer’s, Naomi Campbell’s, Elle MacPherson’s, and Christy Turlington’s Fashion Café.

In regards to Sonia herself, she’s one sexy lady, and in more ways than one. In an interview she said that sex before marriage is a “necessity,” and that she couldn’t pin down her “most erotic experience” because it “gets better and better so you can’t keep up.”

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