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Skincare and Beauty Products You Probably Don’t Need

make-upLooking to save some money on your next trip for you to Sephora? Look no further. We cut with the BS to bring you comprehend about six and cosmetics you could probably live with no. Learn how to save time and a few dollars by nixing these pointless items.

Primer: Resist using primer as long as possible. The product is designed to temporarily smooth skin on the lips, the eyelids, or the face, which is great for those with fine lines and wrinkles, but unnecessary for women under 30. The extra layer of ingredients will only add more chemicals to your skin, thereby encouraging breakouts.

BB, CC, DD Creams: While these two- and three-in-ones are a great way to save time and money, it’s crucial to find one that fits all your needs. If the product doesn’t lend enough coverage or moisture to your face, you’ll find yourself still using your old creams, cover ups and foundations, making BB, CC and DD balms less practical than you’d think.

Serums: Don’t get us wrong — if you found a serum you love, stick to it. Yet, along with beauty’s amazing advancements came an overwhelming assortment of serums, each offering slightly different end results. Magazines and beauty websites tell us we must add this miracle worker to our skincare routines, but in our opinion, they’re more of a lust than must. If you’re faced with a certain ailment, try a serum to target your specific need. But if your skin’s in the clear, don’t just use one to use one — a lot of women can (and do) live without them.

Eyelash Primers: Forget it. Just forget it. Unless you’re a movie star getting dissected under bright lights and an HD camera, this beauty step will make a negligible difference. Instead of spending $18 on an eyelash primer and running the risk of losing more lashes, put that money towards a top-notch mascara.

Cellulite Products:Remorseful ladies, but there’s no miracle product to lose cellulite. When it comes to the pesky problem, you’re stuck executing it the old-fashioned way — work and sweat. Brands like Bliss and Clarins down entire lines designed claiming to relieve the appearance of cellulite, but a lot of the creams are just wishful marketing and advertising ploys.

Toner: This is another skincare step that a lot of us can skip. Toners are built for prepping the skin to absorb active ingredients in other products by eliminating oils and tightening pores. They’re good for women with extremely oily outer layers, but can over dry and dehydrate the majority of complexions. If you think you need it, ask your dermatologist first because the majority of women are better without it.

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