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Sienna Miller Style


is one of the hottest style trendsetters to hit the fashion scene in a long time. She always looks fabulous in whatever bohemian inspired outfit she manages to pull together.
The basics of Sienna’s fabulous look are simple and even the smallest aspects of it could easily be added to your own style repertoire.
If you want to llok like her When shopping for clothes, look for long flowing prairie skirts, denim minis, and ruffled tops. Pair those with vintage cowboy boots that can also be worn over a tight fitting pair of blue jeans..
Try to keep your hair and makeup to a minimum. Stylish Sienna can often be seen in little more than lip gloss and mascara with her hair tied back loosely in a scarf. That allows for your true and natural beauty to shine through every time.
Lastly, don’t forget to properly accessorize. Sienna loves oversized sunglasses – the bigger the better. Add a few long beaded necklaces or a skinny knit scarf and your ensemble will be complete. In no time at all, you’ll be sporting your very own Bohemian inspired look!

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