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Shoshana Bush Biography 1988-

Raised in the Marin County region of California, ’s parents banned her from watching television, encouraging her to be outside staying active. Say what? Instead of regular dates with a bag of Cheetos and Wheel of Fortune, Shoshana took up dancing, singing and acting. Before long, she was a regular in musical theater productions and danced her way into a hip-hop squad called Future Shock.

While her intentions and aspirations were healthy, they weren’t always kindly received. Shoshana Bush openly states that her dance teachers discouraged her from making a career out of performing, while her classmates at Redwood High School regularly tormented her with late-night phone pranks. As a result, she dropped out at 16 and moved to Los Angeles to land a full-blown acting career and prove that high school underdogs always come out on top.

Upon her arrival in Los Angeles, Shoshana Bush split her time between completing her high school equivalency and chasing an acting career. The latter pursuit appeared to take an early lead when she won her first television role in 2005, a guest spot on David Caruso’s CSI: Miami. Unfortunately, her role as “Teenage Girl in Bank” wasn’t enough to move Hollywood mountains, and Shoshana waited two long years until her next gig, another television guest appearance, this time on the supernatural-themed Moonlight about a vampire-turned-private eye.

In the same year as her appearance on Moonlight, Shoshana Bush ventured into feature films, starting in the safer arena of independent cinema, and netting positive results in the process. 2007’s Palo Alta, CA, a drama about former college friends bonding through their small-town existence, cast Shoshana in a supporting role, and the film was an official selection of New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. Next up for the was Lie to Me in 2008, another indie drama about an open relationship gone terribly wrong (don’t they all). The film starred Brandon Routh, better known as Superman in Superman Returns, and it screened in Shoshana’s hometown at the Tiburon International Film Festival.

In 2009, Shoshana Bush took further strides down her career path with more work in television and movies. First, she returned to television to guest star on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s TV series, Ghost Whisperer, before jumping back to the big screen in high-flying fashion with a small role in Fired Up. The latter was about two guys going to cheerleader camp to meet women, a good idea when the women at said camp include AnnaLynne McCord and Sarah Roemer.

Having watched patiently as other actors enjoyed lead roles in her various acting projects, Shoshana Bush finally got to sink her teeth into her first lead role in the summer of 2009. In Dance Flick, she played Megan, an aspiring dancer who finds a partner and a surprise relationship with a badass street dancer (Damon Wayans Jr.). In the film, Shoshana and the cast poked fun at popular dance movies like Save the Last Dance and High School Musical — also poking fun at various celebrities and staples of current pop culture. Because of her lack of television viewing experience, Shoshana immediately embarked on a TV viewing binge and became a regular visitor of Perez Hilton’s infamous web home. To further prepare, she also studied the physical habits of Julia Stiles and adopted a few of Drew Barrymore’s ditzy personality quirks to make her role authentic and appropriately goofy. Where that goofiness takes Shoshana Bush remains to be seen, but this young, agile and self-deprecating young actress has an ideal mix of cuteness and energy that makes us curious to see more.

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