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Shenae Grimes Biography 1989-

Canadian-born established herself as an midway through high school, and quickly racked up a long series of teen and young adult roles in prime-time dramas. Grimes is perhaps best known for her ongoing performance as Darcy Edwards on the adolescent soaper Degrassi: The Next Generation — a spin-off of the legendary Degrassi High. In-between production stints on that series, Grimes interned at Fashion Television (an experience chronicled in the media); she also made a much-publicized guest appearance on Canada’s version of MTV Live, and visibly shocked the program’s emcees by agreeing to go on a date with on-camera intern Paul Lemieux (which, conveniently, was shown in detail on a subsequent episode). While still doing Degrassi, Grimes was then tapped for one of the principal roles on the CW network’s 90210, a spin-off of the original Beverly Hills 90210 about the sudsy intrigues of a middle-class family that moves to Southern California, where the father takes the job of high-school principal; Grimes signed on to play Annie Mills, one of the family’s daughters.

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