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Scout Taylor-Compton Biography 1989-

’s suitably spooky upbringing served as the perfect backdrop for her future career as a scream queen. Nee Desariee Starr Compton, she gained an interest in all things deceased thanks to her father’s employment as a mortician. Coffins and bodies were regular dinner conversation subjects and she was all over it, even if her friends were afraid to visit. Mortuary talk aside, also excelled as an athlete in baseball and swimming. She found her greatest success in the latter sport, in which she was a contender for the AAU Junior Olympics until something happened… acting.

Like most people in Hollywood, Scout Taylor-Compton had an uncontrollable urge to be the center of attention as much as possible. She found that acting was the most appropriate (and socially acceptable) outlet to gain that precious attention and maintain it. After attending acting workshops, she started in Fujifilm commercials, made brief appearances in skits for The Tonight Show and jumped on stage for local productions of Annie Warbucks and Footloose. Eventually, the small-screen came calling, and starting in 2000, Scout Taylor-Compton guest-starred on some of TV’s most popular series, like Ally McBeal, ER and Frasier. She also found time for Will Smith, taking a background role in his music video “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)” from Men In Black II.

One of Scout Taylor-Compton’s guest spots in 2000 was on the hit series Gilmore Girls as Clara Forester. Unlike her other guest work (save for a few guest spots on Charmed as Fairy and Fairy  No. 1), this role was recurring and her annual appearances becoming increasingly popular. Finally, in 2004, Scout was nominated for her first Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series — Recurring Young . It was thought that her well-received work would lead to a regular series of her own, but efforts like 2004’s Class Actions and a proposed spin-off of That’s So Raven went nowhere.

A role as Farrah in 2004’s Sleepover gave Scout Taylor-Compton a leading role in a major studio release top-lined by Alexa Vega of Spy Kids. Unfortunately, it was a box-office loser, and in a potentially tragic turn of events, Scout was reported missing by her parents a year later. Having run away, she was found two weeks later, and a career rebound quickly followed. First came appearances on Cold Case and Without A Trace, followed by a lead role in the 2006 indie film, Tomorrow Is Today. As a girl healing the soul of a drifter, she won two awards from Method Fest for her performance.

Horror was the next major stop for Scout Taylor-Compton and in some ways, it had been a long time coming. A fan of horror icons Chucky, Jason and Michael Myers for years, she appeared in the zombie-themed Wicked Games in 2006 and then got to square off against Myers himself in 2007’s Halloween remake. The film set a box-office opening record for films released on the Labor Day weekend and brought Scout her most widely seen role to date, which she would reprise in the 2009 sequel, Halloween 2.

Besides being chased by Michael Myers, Scout Taylor-Compton has been busy laying the foundation for a genre-hopping career. After playing a babysitter dealing with the crazed Ali Larter in Obsession, she will be seen in Love Ranch (about Nevada’s first brothel) opposite Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci, in the English-language remake of the romantic comedy  Love at First Hiccup, and in the lesbian reincarnation horror film, Murder World. In 2010, Scout will join Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning by playing real-life 1970s guitarist Lita Ford in The Runways, a movie about the eclectic band of the same name.

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