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Samsung postpones Windows RT tablet plans

Windows-8 Last summer the industry was expecting big things from Windows 8 and Windows RT, with touting a plan to bring its own to the US by October.

Well, October has come and gone, with Microsoft launching its Surface RT tablet to mostly unimpressed consumers around the world. As we’ve previously discussed, Redmond blames a poor distribution system for the unenthusiastic reception, while other partners continue to delay the launch of their own Windows RT tablets to see how the market ultimately shapes up.

Case in point? Samsung has now confirmed that its line of Ativ Windows RT tablets won’t be coming to the US, with company exe Mike Abary stating that the company’s Qualcomm-powered Windows RT tablet won’t be sold in the US, due to what he described as poor consumer demand.

“When we did some tests and studies on how we could go to market with a Windows RT device, we determined there was a lot of heavy lifting we still needed to do to educate the customer on what Windows RT was,” said Abary.

Abary also noted that Samsung was unable to achieve the price point it wanted to make its tablet a popular device on the hyper-competitive mobile market, saying: “We didn’t necessarily attain the price point that we hoped to attain.”

He also pointed out that Samsung would have been forced to reduce the amount of base memory to reach a reasonable price point. Nevertheless, the company is leaving the door open to bring its Windows RT tablets to the United States at a later date.

“It’s still a viable option for us in the future, but now might not be the right time,” Abary added.

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