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Samantha Bee Biography 1969-

To suggest that is a product of Canada would be an understatement. After growing up in Toronto, Bee went on to receive a degree from the University of Ottawa. She followed that up by studying science at McGill University in Montreal, and finally majored in theater at George Brown College in Toronto, where many historians, theologians and scientists believe that she first fell in love with her craft. After performing throughout Toronto with her sketch comedy troupe The Atomic Fireballs, Bee beat a handful of actresses out to become the female face of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Although her husband Jason Jones currently stars on the show as well, the two comedic lovebirds actually met in Canada when they were doing children’s theater together in 2001. Bee now lives in Manhattan with Jones and their two children, and she’s currently working toward obtaining her U.S. citizenship. In the meantime, we recommend looking for a serving job under the table.

The Daily Show correspondents have a habit of finding fame on the show and then leaving to pursue bigger and better things. Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Demetri Martin, and Rob Corddry are all guilty of said crime. Samantha Bee, however, has decided to stick it out with her beloved boss Jon Stewart, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, The Daily Show would catch on with the general public. (We kid, we kid.)

Still the only female correspondent on the show, and the only non-U.S. citizen, Bee has established herself as the go-to gal for the mocking interviews that have become a staple of the show. Some of her most infamous stone-faced segments include “Kill Drill,” in which she interviewed hunters and fossil fuel executives claiming to be environmentalists, and “Tropical Repression,” in which she talks to a Florida-based politician who is running his campaign based on opposition to gay rights. Bee’s ability to coax subjects into saying outlandish and contradictory things, simply by playing the straight journalist, has made her one of the most vital aspects of a truly vital show.

In 2005, in order to illustrate what he deemed “A war on Christmas” by secularists in America, the ever-antagonistic and long-time Daily Show rival Bill O’Reilly — on his news show The O’Reilly Factor — aired a clip of Samantha Bee mentioning that Christmas is the only religious holiday that’s a federal holiday as well. The clip was in fact a parody, and originally had aired on The Daily Show a year before, thus being aired completely out of context by O’Reilly. To prove his point, Stewart summoned Bee on stage the following day to reveal that she was fully pregnant. While the two coyly tiptoed around her obvious pregnancy, Bee joked that the clip couldn’t have aired recently because according to her she had “slightly different highlights” in her hair. Bill O’Reilly had once again been made a fool, this time by a woman from Toronto, named Samantha Bee.

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