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Sabrina Ferilli Biography 1964-

was born June 28, 1964, in Rome, Italy. The daughter of a housewife and a Communist Party member (her father was the former speaker of the Italian delegation at Lazio’s Regional Council), Sabrina always knew she wanted to be an and never gave up despite her first failed attempts.

With a career spanning 15 years — and counting — Sabrina has more than left her mark in Italian cinema, and is considered the Sophia Loren of her generation. Before her career-making role in 1991’s Americano rosso (a.k.a. Red American), Sabrina appeared in several films.

It all started when Sabrina worked in the renowned “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome and participated in the local drama circuit. She made her debut in the TV film Portami la luna in 1986, and made her film debut the following year, in Rimini Rimini.

More roles rapidly came Sabrina’s way, most notably 1987’s Caramelle da uno sconosciuto (a.k.a. Sweets from a Stranger directed by Franco Ferrini), 1988’s Il Volpone (a.k.a. The Big Fox) and La Femme de mes amours, 1989’s Nightclub, 1990’s La Strada di Ball, and 1991’s Un Giorno di festa.

Which brings us to Sabrina’s role of a lifetime, in Americano rosso. From that point on, Sabrina’s life would never be the same. That is, until she was cast in 1993’s Diario di un vizio (a.k.a. Diary of a Maniac), the film that propelled her career even further. The film by Marco Ferreri took home the Critics Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

After a role in 1994’s made-for-TV film Vandalucia, Sabrina starred in Il Giudice ragazzino (a.k.a. The Kid Judge) and La Bella vita (a.k.a. The Good Life), the latter which garnered her the Silver Ribbon and “Gold Clapperboard” awards for Best Actress.

The years that followed brought Sabrina roles in 1995’s TV miniseries Inka Connection, and 1996’s Vite strozzate (a.k.a. Strangled Lives), Ritorno a casa Gori and Ferie d’agosto (a.k.a. August Vacation).

1996 was a particularly important year as she was chosen to co-emcee the internationally renowned Sanremo Song Festival, which contributed to Sabrina’s status as one of Italy’s brightest — and sexiest — stars.

In 1997, Sabrina starred in Oranges amres and TV’s Leo e Beo, while in 1998, she starred in Tu ridi (a.k.a. You’re Laughing) and Il Signor Quindicipalle (a.k.a. Mr. Fifteen Balls).

Sabrina was more recently seen as Rosanna Ranzi on TV’s Le Ali della vita (a.k.a. On the Wings of the Eagle) in 2000’s Le Giraffe and A ruota libera (a.k.a. Freewheeling), and 2001’s Almost America, in which she starred as Antonia.

Although she has had a vast film career, Sabrina’s true passion is theater, in which she also has experience.

Italy’s most loved woman gives men even more reason to adore her: she is a huge fan of AS Roma (a “football” or soccer team) and sits on the board of AS Roma’s Fans Council. Sabrina also participated in an ad campaign for a popular brand of spaghetti (whose popularity surely increased as a result).

A very private woman, the Italian sex bomb lives with her pets, a cat and a dog.

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