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Sabine Ehrenfeld Biography 1963-

Born in Germany in 1963, moved to the United States in the mid-1980s. A one-time appearance on FOX’s Murder One and a role in the 1999 independent film Miasma highlighted her early career in acting. Ehrenfeld was also involved in theater productions; she took part in the Vagina Monologues and became a member of the Groundlings improv team.

A married mother of two, Ehrenfeld involved herself in yoga, earned a pilot’s license and even learned how to use a handgun in her spare time. The active, intelligent speaks Italian and French, in addition to English and German.

When an exec at Overstock.com saw Ehrenfeld in a Kotex commercial, she was convinced Sabine needed to be the new face of the Internet company. The rest is advertising history, as Overstock created a highly successful ad campaign that featured Sabine in front of a white background saying: “It’s all about the O.” This phrase, not to mention Ehrenfeld’s sexiness, became instantly recognizable, and Overstock benefited greatly. Now, ‘Overstock girl,’ as she’s commonly known, is a popular search engine query and is in a position to build on her TV ad success.

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