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Sabina Altynbekova Biography 1996-

Sabina AltynbekovaOn the last few days, a girl from has won the Internet: . Sabina is an 18 years old graceful player from the Kazakh Under-19 team. She started becoming famous on the web at the Asian under-19 Championship, where she first got the attention of the local media with her pale skin and long legs. So here we are to write about this lovely athlete.

Sabina Altynbekova is 5’12″ (1,85m) and 130 lbs (59kg). She was born in November, 1996, on Almaty, Kazakhstan. When this cute Asian volleyball player is in court, all the attention is instantly draw to her. Sabina’s coach, Nurlan Sadikov, has told the local news that ‘It is impossible to work like this.  The crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship’. Even Sabina Altynbekova recognizes it is going too far and although she thanks all the support and messages she is receiving, she asks for people to stop creating social media pages and profiles about her. The cute Kazakhstan girl has even being feature in anime drawings and illustrations .

Sabina by no means though she’d find much focus. She’s got right now above 190 1000 enthusiasts on her Instagram account along with 5 1000 on your own upon Twitter. It all began together with supporters via Tiongkok, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan,, To the south Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, although quick sufficient the lady did start to entice supporters via worldwide. Sabina Altynbekova is getting tons of everyday reviews on her Instagram pictures.

Hopefully the lady will surely produce her talent along with doesn’t find weighed down with the quick fame, consequently we can easily notice a lot more associated with her for the future years.

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  1. It is fair to say without her volleyball paraphernalia she looks pretty much like a model.

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