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Rebecca Grant Biography 1982-

Born in the close-knit town of Buffalo, New York, grew up worshipping the local professional sports teams, and her love for athletics only grew with time. With a major in psychology and a minor in communications at the State University of New York at Buffalo, her goal was to somehow become involved in television and sports.

After graduating, she was fortunate enough to get a job in her hometown, hosting the Buffalo Bills NFL Show. Several episodes later, ESPN came calling and offered her a spot as a reporter for the U.S. Men’s Pro Ski Tour, which she took immediately. Again, the experience with a big network proved invaluable and, after moving to Los Angeles, FOX Sports World had her host the coverage of the International Soccer League.

Outside the journalism realm, Grant’s looks helped her land a great job as a double and stand-in for none other than Madonna (for her “Frozen” video). Grant had more roles in the music industry, appearing in videos for the Barenaked Ladies and Don Henley.

She continued to bounce around on TV, and did some acting with bit parts on shows like Baywatch, Beverly Hills, 90210 and 3rd Rock from the Sun. Her first steady job — with her front and center — arrived in the form of the interactive show, Throut and Neck, in 1999. Though the Game Show Network’s show was short-lived, it established Grant as a sexy and smart television personality.

The ultimate job opportunity came in 2000 when FOX came calling once again. This time, it offered her a co-host spot on NFL Under the Helmet, an informative football show that combines great interviews with behind the scenes football fun. Eagerly taking up the challenge, pigskin fans became entranced with her beauty and knowledge of the game.

As the show entered its second season, Grant had cultivated a strong enough following, that Coors and Power Anthro signed her to lucrative advertising deals. Putting magazine shoots aside, she even took on a second TV job. This time, it was on TNN’s Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, where she served as “pit reporter.”

Holding down two gigs on popular shows resulted in calls from several men’s magazines requesting interviews and camera time. Grant shed her so-called conservative ways to produce what are now legendary works of art. In the meantime, the travel show that produces many hotties, E!’s Wild On, featured her as a guest-host, while dramas like Third Watch and Providence appeared on her resume.

Also known as 2002’s Keystone Beer Girl and 2003’s Budweiser spokeswoman, Grant continues to do great work on Under The Helmet while working on more football projects, including the webcasts and reports for the past three Super Bowl shows. She even has a small film appearance under her belt, as an escort in the dark comedy, Sticks.

Hopefully, these new experiences will lead to more airtime for Grant, who is still single. Though we love her as a sports broadcaster, we would appreciate her even if she were doing a report on growing grass.

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