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Rachel Blanchard Biography 1976-

A native of Toronto, Canada, prodigiously blond first became known to audiences with her role as Cher, the protagonist of the 1996 TV spin-off of Clueless. Blanchard, who had acted in a number of Canadian TV series prior to Clueless, crossed over to film in the 1992 Italian coming-of-age drama On My Own. More high profile work came her way in 1999, when she starred as one of the loathsome teens who have the misfortune of tormenting the supernaturally-endowed protagonist in The Rage: Carrie 2. The following year, Blanchard could be seen in the teen road comedy Road Trip, which cast her as the girlfriend of Breckin Meyer; she also starred in Sugar and Spice, a controversial black comedy about a group of cheerleaders who band together to support their friend’s unborn baby by planning a heist to ensure the baby’s financial future.

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