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Quentin Tarantino Biography 1963-

The Four Seasons HotelFilm , , , and , born in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. He wrote his first screenplay, True Romance (1987, released 1993) while working at Video Archives, Manhattan Beach. Lacking the finance to direct the project himself, he sold his script, and also that of Natural Born Killers (released 1994), thus enabling him to start production of Reservoir Dogs (1992), in which he was director, , and actor. The success of this film, and its successor Pulp Fiction (1994; Cannes Palme d’Or; Oscar for Best Original Screenplay), in which he had the same roles, brought him celebrity status. He then acted in several films, such as Desperado (1995), before returning to production (while continuing as an actor) with Four Rooms (1995) and Jackie Brown (1998). He wrote and directed Kill Bill, a film shown in two parts (Volumes 1 and 2), in 2003.

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