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Phoebe Price Biography 1975-

A native of the American south (with a charming southern drawl betraying her origins), grew up in Alabama and subsequently established herself as one of the more unique models of the early 21st century, maintaining her strongest presence in European markets with an almost constant array of pictorials in such magazines as German Vogue and Italian Vogue. In terms of Hollywood work, Price moved into features around 2008, with bit parts in both A-list features (Get Smart) and lower-budget indie movies (In My Sleep). On the side, Price traveled the entrepreneur route by establishing and marketing her own perfume line called Phoebe’s Fantasy, in addition to a clothing line.


  1. Phoebe Price´s face completely defies gravity. Look at her chin ! Whereas most people have a sagging chin, Phoebe´s chin and the bottom of her chin does not droop at all. The same phenomenon with her cheeks ! When Phoebe smiles, her cheeks protrude forward and form sexy peaks. No one has such beautiful cheeks. Phoebe is gorgeous and stunning !

  2. Phoebe Price embodies femininity fully ! Big brown eyes, slender chin and tight jaw line, small nose, beautiful lips, and incredible cheeks, that most women envy. Her facial structure is phenomenal and has to be sexiest face of the century !

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