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Pepsi’s Darth Vader Soda Invites Drinkers To The Dark Side

We’re totally geeking out over the latest soft drink news from Japan. recently released a drink called Energy Cola, which features the image of villain on the can.

The drink is sadly only available in Japan; it was created with Japanese mega-company Suntory and went on sale last summer. The Vader-ified version was introduced the fall, and now it’s now sold across the country.

Despite its appealing theme — seriously, being a nerd is mainstream these days — we have to wonder if its ingredients would fare well with Western consumers. is made with ginseng, guarana extract, caffeine and royal jelly extract, which is a honey bee secretion meant to feed adult queen bees and larvae. Sounds appealing, no?

Pepsi sure has been getting creative in the Japanese market lately. Pepsi Energy Cola is just the latest in a recent spate of odd beverages, at least by Western standards, including the fat-blocking Pepsi Special and the tangerine-flavored clear Pepsi White.

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