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Penelope Cruz Biography 1974-

penelope_cruz. Born Penélope Cruz Sanchez on April 28, 1974 in San Sebastain de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain to Eduardo, a car mechanic and Encarna, a hairdresser. Cruz was the eldest of three: her brother Eduardo, is a singer, and her sister Mónica is both an and a flamenco dancer. A natural performer, Penélope amused her family as a child by re-enacting TV commercials for their entertainment. However, she took up dance for her choice of performance arts. She studied classical ballet for nine years at Spain’s National Conservatory and moved to New York to dance under a series of prominent performers.

When she was 15 years old, Cruz found her true vocation after beating out 300 other girls at a talent agency competition. Following this early success, she landed several roles as a dancer for music videos and on Spanish TV as the host of La Quinta Marcha. Cruz also explored her more sensual side in the French erotic TV series, Serie Rose.

In 1992, she made her film debut in the dark film, Jamón Jamón. The film’s director, who had been unable to cast Cruz as the lead in another film because of her young age, waited until she was old enough for his next film. Her performance earned Cruz a nomination for Best Newcomer by the Spanish Actors’ Union, Best Lead Actress from the Goya awards (Spain’s Academy Awards), and Fotogramas de Plata’s Best Movie Actress. A year later, Cruz played Luz in The Age of Beauty (1992). The film won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, virtually swept the Goya Awards, and earned Cruz the Spanish Actors’ Union Award for Best Supporting Performance.

With an impressive apprenticeship to the craft, Cruz earned her place in Spanish cinema as a leading lady. Her resume continued to grow over the following few years, clocking up three or four films each year. In 1997, Cruz took the role of Isabel Plaza Caballero in Carne Tremula, for which she garnered more critical recognition. This was the first time she worked with internationally renowned director Pedro Almodóvar, who in turn became a life-long friend—and her vehicle for global fame. Two years later, Cruz landed a role in another film directed by Almodóvar, Todo Sobre Mi Madre. The Spanish film won an Oscar and a BAFTA for Best Foreign Language Film. With a series of well-respected movies under her belt, Cruz was in demand on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

At the age of 25, Cruz made the bold decision to move to Hollywood, California. Fully in command and on top of her career, she took on the role of a control freak and successful chef in Woman on Top (2000) and as the romantic lead in Billy Bob Thornton’s western, All the Pretty Horses (2000), both of which received critical success. Her next film, Abre Los Ojos, caught the attention of director Cameron Crowe and film icon Tom Cruise. Impressed by the script and the actress, the duo created an American remake of the film, called Vanilla Sky (2001). The movie helped make Cruz a crossover success. During this time she also began dating her co-star, Tom Cruise, putting her firmly in American headlines.

Cruz proved she could hold her own across from heavy-hitting actors when she starred opposite Johnny Depp in Blow (2001). That same year, she appeared in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001), and her performance earned her a nomination in the European Film Awards for Best Actress. Cruz’s next film, Waking Up in Reno (2002), saw her play alongside fellow cast memberes Billy Bob Thornton and Patrick Swayze. The romantic comedy about two couples headed to a Monster Truck show received little box office attention. In 2005, the actress appeared in Sahara, a comedic adventure film. In real life, Cruz began a relationship with co-star Matthew McConaughey. The couple began a year long romantic relationship, but later split over conflicting film schedules.

Returning to Spanish-language filmes, Cruz appeared in Bandidas (2006) with friend and co-star Salma Hayek. That same year she stared in Volver, another Almodóvar film. The director held the role specifically for Cruz, and her performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. A year later, Cruz won an Academy Award—this time for the Woody Allen film, Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008). She is currently dating Spanish actor Javier Bardem, her co-star in the film.

A representative for actors Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz said Tuesday the couple married earlier this month in the Bahamas. Only family members were in attendance at the private ceremony, which took place at a friend’s beach home.

Cruz and Bardem met in 1992 but didn’t start dating until 2007, during the shooting of Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Cruz’s performance in the movie later landed her an Oscar. Bardem is also an Oscar winner; he snagged an award in 2006 for his role in No Country for Old Men.

The couple announced their engagement in 2009, but kept their wedding plans under tight wraps. This is both Cruz and Bardem’s first marriage.

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