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Paula Labaredas Biography 1982-

Paula-LabaredasOn this summer 6th in a very little town in Portugal, Paula Maria Esteves Labaredas was born in her grandma’s house. She is usually that the middle child of 3 girls. Paula was brought up catholic who’s mom preferred all her girls to end up being nuns. At the age of 2 Paula’s family migrated to America in hopes of finding, “The American Dream”. towards the way to America Paula’s living was almost cut short. The American dream did not seem so great to her parents anymore, when they thought they lost their child. from the plane Paula started hyperventilating. She then fell unconscious and stopped breathing. She was pronounced dead from a doctor on board but luckily a few occasions later she revived. The Labaredas’ family set up their house in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where her father worked as a construction worker, and her mother a seamstress in factories. Being from the old country, her father once produced a wine cellar from scratch and her mother oftentimes created clothes for Paula and her sisters. Paula attended inner city schools and throughout grammar school was a member in the chorus which maintained yearly school productions.

Paula was very shy. She grew up within a strict, disciplined, household which caused her to believe locked up and suffocated. As a result she used television and her imagination as an escape. At the age of 16 she started working as a waitress and was able to save enough cash and attend college. There she had courage to overcome her shyness through discovering and falling in love with executing. She knew she preferred to perform the rest of her lifetime.

Against her family’s wishes (where leaving residence before wedding goes against the cultural grain), Paula created the move to NYC, to pursue her executing career. under the 1st year she found it financially, emotionally, and physically difficult…moving eight times, sleeping on friends floors, basically living out of her suitcase, yet she continued on her acting journey, booking jobs in soap operas, independent films, web series & off broadway plays which eventually led her to Los Angeles.

Paula’s intense passion, tenaurban center & persistence keeps her on the road to continues success. She prefers to excel in her work, and be one in the finest in the film business.

Paula’s pure heart shines through her work, that may be noticeable in her poems, her paintings, and her charity work. Paula has furthermore produced multiple shorts, web series & co produced 2 qualities through her production company Lucky Tiger Films. She has been a vegetarian for over TEN years, is religious, loves too work out, prefers to dance, and enjoys to spend her free time with her family.

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