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Olga Kurylenko Biography 1979-

is the fashion who starred with Daniel Craig in the 2008 James Bond movie A Quantum of Solace. Kurylenko was born in 1979, in what was then the Soviet Union and now is the Ukraine. She was 15 when she was spotted by a talent scout in Moscow; the next year she moved to Paris, and her career took off. She has been featured on the covers of Elle, Glamour and Maxim, worn lingerie for the Victoria’s Secret catalog, and appeared in ads for Bebe, Sisley, and other products. Her popularity reached its peak (so far) in 2008, when she played Camille Montes, the revenge-minded Bolivian spy who pairs up with Bond in Quantum of Solace. Her other films include Le Serpent (2006) and Max Payne (2008).

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