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Nicole Minetti Biography 1986-

Nicole-Minetti  is a former profession and profession dental hygienist who became a profession under Berlusconi.

Minetti’s mother is an English dance instructor and her father an Italian . Minetti worked for a while as a on Colorado Cafe, a comedy-variety show on television. She then went on to train as a dental hygeinist.

In 2009 prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was attacked in Milan and required dental surgery where he met Minetti at San Raffaele Hospital. He invited her to become a politician and she was shortlisted for the upcoming elections leading to much criticism in the press. Berlusconi subsequently appointed her a regional councillor in Lombardy.

Shortly afterwards she introduced him to Ruby Rubacuori who was later to bring to light the so-called Caso Ruby scandal. During the investigation into the scandal it emerged Minetti owns 4 apartments in the Dimora Olgettina which are occupied by showgirls.

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