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New Hair Loss Treatment

beautiful-hair will soon be treated without expensive and ineffective hair transplants. A special injection will soon relieve people from one of the most common complexes.

Soon, scientists will be able to grow new hair on bald areas, which releases men and women from the necessity of hair transplants – very expensive and not very effective procedures. Australian researchers have created new human hair in the lab, using a tiny cell that fueled its growth. This technique has been successfully used to grow new hair follicles in animals, and now it is being checked on humans.

These cells are small nipple-like extensions (dermal papillae) at the base of the follicle under the skin where the hair is attached. These cells nourish the follicles, preventing hair loss. The modern procedure involves the cultivation of donor tissue cells in the laboratory and their insertion into the skin where new hair is needed. The idea of this injection is to cause the growth of new follicles but not to replant old follicles from other areas, as is done in hair transplantation.

This technology enable you to among people having a limited number of follicles, including women struggling with hair loss, as well those who suffered from burns and scarring damage alopecia. Hip joint tissue would be the most valuable source of stem cells to restore hair growth.

This technique is it being developed by researchers from the particular University of New South Wales in Australia. The results of the research have been published in the particular Stem Cells Translational Medicine newspaper.

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