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New ‘Doritos Loaded’ Snacks

doritos-loadedIn a July, a new type of are hitting the hot-plates exclusively at 7-Eleven. In an attempt to take your snacking experience to the boldest, most extreme level, the new “” combines melted American, Romano and cheddar cheese encrusted with flavor and secret seasoning.

Rolling out all summer long, the $1.99 snack is being targeted at millennials. Apparently not for the “faint of heart,” the sodium count on these chip-encrusted nacho delights would probably agree with you, coming in at about 1,070 milligrams of sodium.

7-Eleven is betting Generation X will pick up a four-pack of the ‘Loaded’ nacho delight in addition to the Slurpee and pack of gum they usually grab in the store..

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