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New ‘Doritos Loaded’ Snacks

doritos-loadedIn a July, a new type of are hitting the hot-plates exclusively at 7-Eleven. In an attempt to take your snacking experience to the boldest, most extreme level, the new “ Loaded” combines melted American, Romano and cheddar cheese encrusted with Nacho Cheese flavor and secret seasoning.

Rolling out all summer long, the $1.99 snack is being targeted at millennials. Apparently not for the “faint of heart,” the sodium count on these chip-encrusted nacho delights would probably agree with you, coming in at about 1,070 milligrams of sodium.

7-Eleven is betting Generation X will pick up a four-pack of the ‘Loaded’ nacho delight in addition to the Slurpee and pack of gum they usually grab in the store..

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