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New Doritos Are Made Of Gold

doritos-gold may be constantly reinventing itself. The snack food brand may have just one-upped itself with its new invention: the golden Dorito.

Doritos is giving out more than 3,000 gold-plated . Tickets for the chips can be found in bags of chips. If you score a winning ticket in your Doritos Jacked Bold Mystery bag, you call in and Doritos will mail you your gold chip. The chips aren’t edible, but they are worth about $31. It’s just like winning a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar, except your prize isn’t a magical tour around an oompa-loompa-run chocolate factory. It’s the chance to receive an inedible gold Dorito.

The silver (or gold) lining is that the company will choose two ticket holders to win a grand prize: a 2.5-oz. 24-karat solid gold Doritos chip replica. This gold Dorito’s value is estimated at around $3,000.

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