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Natural Sun Tanning More Beneficial Than Tanning Salons

tanning-salonThe risk of developing due to visiting is twice higher than sunbathing on the beach in the afternoon, Scottish scientists have reported.

They are the conclusions of a new study conducted by the team of scientists from the actual University of Dundee. The authors studied 400 tanning salons in the united kingdom and measured their levels associated with ultraviolet radiation. The average power of tanning radiation was almost two times higher than the allowable control.

The risk of developing melanoma due to use of powerful tanning beds was when compared to same risk of sunburn from the Mediterranean sunshine in the mid-day in summer. in a solarium turned out to be twice as risky. In standard, the risk of having difficulties with the skin is 6 times higher from the tanning salon if compared to natural exposure to direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, the studies have demostrated that, in spite of many warnings, the popularity of tanning salons is still increasing. The authors hope that that study will make people think it’s necessary to use a solarium having caution, especially since there is really a safer alternative.

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