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Nabilla Benattia Biography 1994-

Nabilla-Benattia  is a French starlet, who rose to prominence via participating in fact shows the love is blind, the angels of reality TV and Hollywood Girls.
More attracted via the celebrity by the recognition, Nabilla belongs to these young women who demand to seduce at all bills. And, after a passage within the knife to obtain redo lips, cheekbones and of course the breasts, Nabilla participates in a very show the love is blind on TF1. As expected, its advantageous forms make it out from the crowd, allowing it the following year, in 2012, to participate in the show NRJ 12 the angels of reality 4.
At the age of 19, the young woman joined Amelie, Aurélie and Marie de Secret Story, Anthony of Koh Lanta, saw the star Ac’, and others, to the cast of the fourth season of the reality TV angels. In the show, which takes put in Hawaii, Nabilla set itself the goal of becoming a glamour . During the game it also stands away for viewers through sustaining a relationship with Saxena who takes part to the second time within a reality TV show NRJ 12. The latter he wrote even a song…
The Hollywood Girls adventure
After the show, having reached his goal (Yes, that’s it, we the know), she joined the circle very covered and minor produced of the ‘TV stars’ existence passing emission emission. such a Joe, Nour, Carolina receiver Ayem et al., she manages to talk her via his media omnipresence, omnipresence that may be finally reality TV programmes.
And Nabilla does not conclude in so good way because in 2012 she joined the cast of the second season of Hollywood Girls. The reality series, simply interpreted via ex-reality TV, is furthermore broadcast on NRJ 12. Ayem Nour, Caroline Receveur and Mathias Pohl are in addition in the cast of the second season of the series scheduled for broadcast from August 27, 2012.

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