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Motorcycle Safety Tips

motorcycleFor many people, a long holiday weekend means a chance for a long ride. But, do you know all you need to know about ?

“The feeling you get while riding is indescribable; however, it can change in the blink of an eye,” riding enthusiast and registered nurse, Carol Bullard, cautioned in a Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center news release.

Bullard also teaches a motorcycle safety class. She offers these tips for motorcycle riders. Read these tips before you ride.

  •     Run through “what if” scenarios before you ride. What if a vehicle is at an intersection blocking your path? What if a dog runs out in front of your motorcycle? What will you do?
  •     Wear a helmet. Check its fit and make sure it meets proper U.S. Department of Transportation standards.
  •     Wear protective clothing. Long pants and sleeves can minimize road rash from accidents, especially if they’re armored, made out of leather, or both. And they can protect against sunburn. Closed-toed, over-the-ankle shoes or boots can prevent injuries to feet and ankles, and reflective clothing can help drivers to see you.
  •     Be cautious about road and weather conditions. Be especially careful when you encounter gravel or slick roads. Carry rain gear at all times.
  •     Communicate. Let someone know your route and plans before you ride, and keep members of a group ride informed about any medical conditions you may have. That allows other members in the group to alert emergency responders about any special issues in case of an accident.
  •     Take a safety course. These courses may be offered in your area by community colleges, motorcycle dealers or law enforcement agencies.

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