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Monotonous Diets Help Lose Weight

fruitsThose who want to improve the figure with the help of nutrition have already heard that varied foods should be at the basis of the diet. However, some experts believe that this way of eating is appropriate if a person plans to become leaner in the long term. If you want to quickly see the results of the varied menu on the scale, it is better to forget about the “delicious” menu and start to eat “boring” foods.

The nutritionists from the University of Buffalo and the University of Vermont state that a varied diet unnecessarily fuels the appetite and prevents weight loss. To quickly get a slim figure, the experts recommend . According to them, this type of nutrition disaccustoms a person from the habit of treating food as a source of pleasure. Food should simply satisfy basic needs – it is actually one of the most effective and easiest ways to .

The experiment with the participation of the women from 20 – 50 years has shown that the power of monotonous diet leads to a decrease in appetite. Therefore, a person is likely to sit at the table less often and eat less food overall. Those participants, who ate monotonous foods, eventually dropped much more than the women, who ate a variety of dishes. However, the caloric intake was the same for everyone.

In accordance with scientists, addiction to certain foods reduces the incentive along with the body’s need to eat tasty foods. Scientists believe that monotonous food is a very effective diet. However, it will not cope should weight loss is planned for years. If you need to remove a few pounds, monotonous diet is the thing you need. “Boring” food will reduce the serving size to the amount that’s needed is for the body’s saturation. It will certainly help to become dieter.

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