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Mollie King Biography 1987-

A member of a well-known theatrical dynasty, had made her own stage debut at the tender age of eight months. As a young teenager, the reddish-blonde beauty supported Maxine Elliott in Her Own Way and appeared in productions of The Royal Family, The Little Princess and The Winsome Widow, understudying Elizabeth Brice in the latter. After making her screen debut for World in 1916, King quickly signed with Pathé, who needed a replacement for departing serial queen Pearl White. But Mystery of the Double Cross (1917) and The Seven Pearls (1917), both conceived with athletic White in mind, proved only that King was no daredevil and she fled to marry a socialite. She returned to the screen for a handful of programmers in the 1920s, including Her Majesty (1922), in which she played identical twins, then quit for good.

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