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Miroslava Duma Biography 1985-

miroslava-duma was born on March 10, 1985 in Born in Surgut and raised in Moscow. She is one of the most recognized and photographed Russian fashionistas, former editor of the Russian edition of Harper’s Bazaar and . Her sense of style was eye-catching even when she was a young girl. The daughter of Russian senator Vasilay Duma, Miroslava began making global fashion headlines after photos of her appeared on popular fashion blogs like “Jak & Jil” and “The Sartorialist.” As her image and sense of style became widely known, Miroslava was invited to take part in an advertising campaign for “Symphony”—a Dubai retailer. However, because Miroslava’s position as editor of the Russian Harper’s Bazaar prohibited her from appearing in other magazines, the ban resulted in her quitting in lieu of a career in freelance writing.

Miroslava’s own growing popularity in the fashion world seems to mirror what she sees happening in Russia in terms of its burgeoning fascination with global fashion. According to her, the new obsession is the result of two factors: Russia’s own design industry remaining relatively small while the wealth in the country—at least for the lucky few; a group to which Miroslava has belonged since birth—has increased exponentially. According to Ms. Duma, what differentiates young Russians from other consumers of global fashion is their sense of risk-taking—a style that, like all great fashion visionaries, Miroslava seems to have anticipated and exhibited before it ever became a trend.

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